Nature of “Life”

Ola!I hope you had nice week:).I think ,,there ain’t a suitable heading for the most complicated word with 4 letters,The “life”.
It’s awesome that many strong feelings in this spider web called life are of 4 words,like love, live, hope,hate,envy.
Here’s the poem i’ve written based on my observations while trying to figure life.

Life’s like a maze, little scary, yet crafted tactfully.
When we personify so-called life into reality,
Life is like hyperactive kid with light speed.
Just glancing in a direction is all it will need.
 It’ll rush in and pull out whatever it could find.
And we humans are funny, we love to bind
everything worthy ,to the castle  of our fantasy
formed by our growth while encountering the reality.
Whenever there's something that we hate
which conveniently gets entangled with our fate,
we bury it deep down in the underground
or throw it as far as we can, on the ground.
As the time fades, the wounds made, slowly heals
Leaving a scar, everyone know how that feels.
Memories hidden under and around while facing avert
 Are covered like layers of sand forming dunes in desert.

Life's quicker than ever, every time  we look down,
thinks what we buried are treasures we need for crown.
Digs in deep, pulls everything up only to see us frown
OH! I wish, life knew, those fears we don't wanna own
Every time we look back, life zooms in to back yard,
digging in the sad, bad memories we tried to discard.
 Hoping that they would make us happy for a while,
For all that hyperactive kid wants, is to see us smile.
All we ever need to do is to look up and forward, for life
To zoom in and grow and get a win whenever in strife.

 © 1positron1

  • Thanks a lot for your precious time 😄
  • Image credit to the rightful owner.
  • © 1positron1
  • Hope yopu have a great week ahead 😄
  • If you’re having bad days,trust me,they’ll fade away.
  • May not be today,but one day for sure,they’ll.Please,hold on!
  • If you are sad,remember that you do matter, and
  • Stars only shine by being themselves,So,just be who you are.


For long time,I thought i was the only one,
Seeking peace,poured my heart into words,weaving this one.
But once i got hold of my darkness, i saw the world,
and realised that everyone's been there,even the bold.

Here I’m letting the world know this,
So that someone who needs will notice
and realise that they ain’t alone.
Due to darkness,we think we’re on our own.
"All i had are excited electrons,
I couldn’t see any photons.
Thought that i was the only one,
drowning deep in the sea under the sun.

Feeling like i couldn’t do anything right,
cause every  path i tried, was a losing fight.
Trying to find a way out of this is a win,
for which the key's what I’ve been missing.
I ain't somebody who gives up just like that.
I aint somebody who accepts failure just like that.
Pondered ‘what had changed in my life these  days,
making me feel like a crap in any place.

I  fought with all  my strength to get out of this fear,
but all I found were different paths  leading in here.
I remember staring at the sky and thinking why,
I couldn’t see a single star as the time passed by.
Crying with my battered & shattered wing,
wondering and pondering what's been missing,
I  realised that i was counting my flaws.
Totally forgot that i had my claws.
Realised that forgetting my blessings
had hindered the process of  healing.
I could breath and I’m alive after all.
All of my organs are fully functional.
I know that it'll take time to grow gills on me
and swim through the sea to the surface to see
the light that i was searching for all this time.
I realised that i can be my spark in meantime.
well, it'll take time to grow the wings to fly,
Fly high soaring like an eagle in the sky.
But I’m never gonna give up the fight,
until I’m gonna see the light and be that light."
After all, stars can only shine by being who they are
and we all shine through each and every scar.
Cause we are all one among those stars
forgetting that we are our own super star.

  • Thanks a lot for your precious time 🙂
  • ©1positron1
  • This is close to my heart,I hope this helps someone.
  • Image credit@ rightful owner.
  • Just know that you ain’t alone,and things will get better. 🙂
  • If you related to the negative parts of this,
  • I hope the positive ones will help in moving ahead 🙂

Energy Vampires

 Have you ever met energy vampire? 
 Trust me, they are everywhere. 
 Finding them is very easy, 
 They are around when we feel queasy. 
 Ever had this feeling lingering, 
 That our life source is diminishing? 
 We just felt alright few minutes before, 
 we opened this normal looking door. 
 We are fine, if not happy with our life. 
 But suddenly we feel like we met strife. 
 and don't really understand why, 
 with this one around, we wanna cry. 
 Let me tell you right now, sunshine, 
 These vampires can walk in sun just fine. 
 They come in all shapes and sizes, no rule. 
 They can look depressed or cheerful. 
 Like a vortex, sucks in, our life,we feel sick. 
 When around someone, if you feel pathetic, 
 Those are the toxic people, stay away. 
 Don't let them make you feel that way. 
 Don't ever let these energy vampires drain you. 
 Don't ever let them define what you gotta do. 
 Or how you need to make your every  move.
 Don't let such vampires ever try to rule you.  
  • -1positron1
  • Pics belong to rightful owner
  • Thanks a lot for reading & Hope you great time ahead


Life is like a game,

it’s never the same.

Be it cliff or slope,

Never lose your hope.

Just be who you are

You are a super star.


I know that 1st posts are supposed to be awesome,but don’t really have breakthrough ideas,so just leaving it this way. I’m just getting this new blog going and still learning how to use the options around.So bear with me for a while and hopefully stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Nature Ranger

For fresh air,went to balcony today. 
It's just a typical peaceful Sunday.
Those sounds of construction workers working,
Those crappy sounds of those vehicles honking.

I turned to a bird chirping,saw beautiful sparrow.
It took me back to time when I was a kid without sorrow.
The memories of nests in the tree, rushed in like flood.

Those little birds chirping for mom to give them food.

I remembered myself, excited to save a little bird, that day.
When it got healed ,me with grand pa, let it fly away.
Where is that little kid who thought she's nature ranger?
Maybe they got crushed, like hopes of our mother nature.

When did trees in grand ma's home disappear, I've no clue.
From when,the sounds of animals & birds are heard more in zoo ?
The mango trees in every house was common scene.
But when did they transfer to high definition(HD) screen.

With teary eye,I got a bowl with water for the birds,on their way.
Didn't realize what I've been missing till I saw today.
That little bird quenching thirst, got colors to its dream.
Which in turn colored mine,turning drought into stream.

I know it ain't much but it's just that single drop,
forms ocean with other such single drops.
I'll always try my best to do what I can.
Here's to hoping that everyone will do what they can.

Pic_rightful owner
Image credit @ rightful owner
Nature needs to be conserved, 
here's to hoping that it'll be by us. 
Thanks for your time
Hope you have great week ahead😊

From future,With hate.could you relate?

Can an octopus with the
biggest bat wings fly?
Ain't sure,they thought their
trials couldn't reach the sky.

But they tried to make
the best of what they had.
Their technology lost brake,
When nature's gone, it was sad.

Didn't care about conserving
what they had in their hands.
Nature's gone, step by step,
And they had lost ,their wands.

Living in the pollution everyday,
They tried to experiment ways
to make the oxygen stay
and their CO, CO2 away.

Trees lost hope,birds their feathers.
Animals their lives, while they were
triumphing over giving them to others.
Thanks to their greed, we lost the war.

One day, their wildest dreams
had come true, that day,
they finally had seen through
their pride's ride, gone astray

Their failures,now our mutants
became number one.
Destroyed the world, rampant,
burning it like the sun.

World started crashing, falling
Everything we knew shattered.
If,great grand parents had seen,
Plants might have been planted.

Now we hold them where we go.
In the lead suits, fighting mutants.
holding breath in hands, no hope.
They had chance, yet they were rampant.

Never dared, never cared.
Their kids and grand kids.
Here we are, looking at gray skies
Thinking about their lies.

From future,With hate.
could you relate?



  • Amazon rain forest being destroyed recently is pathetic situation in human history.
  • we need to protect our nature for the future
  • Thanks for reading.
  • Hope you have a nice day.

Hey You!

Ever wondered and pondered, "why bad things happen only to me"?
I believe that this question was asked by everybody.
At some time in our life,
When we are drowning in strife.
When we wanna scream,
Hoping to wake up from this dream.

Alas! If only it were that easy.
But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned,
It’s that when we are frustrated,
We tend to miss important details of simple situations which we normally notice.
This leads to us, missing important opportunities.
Tell me why are you frustrated today?
Is it because the weekend’s ending?
Is it because life is pathetic?
Well I can relate to both. Not really the weekend part.

Being in final year, working every day is normal for me.
The only time I know its holiday for rest is that I’m let off after morning rounds in hospital.
Well, the life of a medico here. Yeah! Cheers to the less work than week days.
And Of course, my life was pathetic. My life kinda still is,

but I’m getting better at taking a stance and thinking about myself recently.
It reminds me, I used to over care about everyone around me

and take too much of responsibility to handle.
I ended up getting depressed multiple times,
cried and went to work with puffy eyes next day,
hoping that no one would see me like that.
Guess what! I’ve no clue if any one saw, but nobody cared.
I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing then.

Furthermore, I’ve realised that even people closer to me, think about themselves first. Everyone does.

So, it’s perfectly alright to think about ourselves and keep our health a priority.
Be it physical /psychological /physiological health.

It’s okay to say “NO” when we couldn’t do something.
After all, we ain’t robots or perfect mortals.
Yes, Bad things do happen. They happen to everyone. No one can change it.

Controlling how and when ain’t in our hands, but, how we respond to bad situations is totally in our hands.
We can choose to let them drown us and suffocate us, or we can choose to stay above them and surf on that crap.
Don’t over think and give bad things, their power.
Stop worrying about them in the shower.
Just glance and take a chance, make a stance.
Believe it’s a just a happenstance
And that it’s gonna fade away.
May not be today but someday.

Have hope, believe in your self .
<<<<You are stronger than you think you are>>>

  © 1positron1

  • This is a long one,Thanks a lot for reading.Hope you have an awesome week ahead. 🙂.
  • ©1positron1
  • pic credit @ rightful owner
  • Writing prose for 1st time along with poetry .
  • So,Let’s talk.How much of it is boring? Did it help in any way?
  • let’s help and learn from each other.

Hello Indians,

Courage, we
Have it all. 
Strength of us . 

We can fight
But we choose
Peace,not war. 

Don't care who, 
We protect
Any in need.


Happy Independence Day  Indians.

  • Tricube poem: Each line has 3 syllables, 
  • Each stanza has 3 lines. 
  • Each poem has 3 stanzas. 
  • ©1positron1
  • Pic_rightful owner

Thanks a lot for your time,Hope you’ll have an awesome time ahead 🙂


The Storm

Life was full of colors before the storm, 
but during it, I wanted to be warm. 
See colors of different shades
but it was grey with blockades. 

And that made me turn blue. 
But then in mirror,I saw you. 
I ended up turning all red, 
it made me happy instead. 

Clouds parted to reveal white 
bright moonlight in the sight. 
All I saw was that lush greenery
with  yellow patches around me. 

Oh,trust me,I didn't see any lover, 
just me, myself and I  in the mirror. 
As orange shades filled the sky
and that golden light reached my eye. 

I finally realised why none helped me, 
cause I've enough spark in me to see
those violet, indigo & every other hue. 
If I can, it could definitely be done by you.

  • written by 1positron1
  • Thanks a lot for your precious time.
  • hope you have an awesome week ahead. 🙂

Silver Sights

Every cloud is silver lined, they say. 
I hope it's true, and that I can find one today. 
Hope this storm I'm in, will fade away, 
i'll see a rainbow, some day, if not today. 

As every silver lined cloud pours rain, 
I stand there, drowning the pain again. 
Waiting for moon shining silver moonlight. 
and the day to shine bright golden light. 

Isn't this the cycle/circle of life? 
Hopes, driving force, out of strife. 
For the silver and golden spark 
are seen better in the dark. 

Warmth is yearned only when it's cold, 
sunlight, when dark night gets old. 
We desire warmth of silver and gold,
when the dark, pitch-black gets bold. 
"For now,i need to hold on tight
and continue to fight with all my might 
one day,everything's gonna be alright.
I'm gonna be my spark till i see the light"

I'm gonna say this to myself every night,
even when hope seems out the sight.
I will always be my own satellite
I'm more than enough to be my own knight. 

5/8/19- 1positron1

Thanks a lot for your time.Hope you have an awesome time ahead 🙂

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Hello Humans

 Here we are, thinking about what we gonna eat,
 Thinking how we gonna stand on our feet,
 Pondering how we gonna get over everyday. 
 But be honest, have we thought about nature that way? 
 Here we are, worried about our daily life.
 Sharing every where, our every single strife. 
 Thinking about getting famous in some way.
 Did we think about nature at least once, today? 
 Not just our little life,our whole future's at stake,
 With sword in hand,many think that this ain't our mistake.
 That our tigers, cheetahs, lions are more in phones
 than in the real life,in near future they'll be just bones. 
 I guess some bull heads just triumph our victory
 of being in top most in food chain category
 Instead of thinking that there'll will be nothing in future,
  sustaining us,thanks to us destroying our mother nature. 
 If we don't take seriously,it won't be happenstance
 when our future gets wiped out in a glance. 
 I won't be surprised when our future kin
 Come to curse us, by inventing the time machine. 
 Yet, I have a feeling some might be still happy
 about the great advances in technology,
 Though our earth got shattered, battered beyond recognition.
 Thanks to us,in future we were at blink of extinction. 
 It's high time we stopped destructing our life line
 Cause even if we get wiped out,she'll be fine. 
 It's high time we knew that nature deserves space 
 on earth, just like you and me,this ain't a race. 
 Change starts from within,we heard them say, 
 It's true, let's start, with  me and you today. 
 It may not be a lot from one ,but remember 
 Little drops make mighty ocean, turns flames to ember.
  • penned by positron on 28/7/19-World Nature Conservation Day
  • image credit -@ rightful owner.
  • 2nd post for today but had to post it,thanks for your time,hope you have an awesome time ahead.

Copyright © 1positron1

  • Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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